Marino Miculan, PhD

Associate Professor of Computer Science (INF/01) at the Faculty of Science of the University of Udine. 

Address: Department of Mathematics and Computer Science (DiMI), Universitā di Udine
via delle Scienze 208, I-33100 Udine (Italy).

Office location: L2.17.BC, also known as SN6. North side, Second floor, Rizzi Campus. See the map.

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phone: ( 39) 0432 55 8486; fax: ( 39) 0432 55 8499; skype: marinomiculan ;
e-mail: marino.miculan at I endorse S/MIME; here is my X.509 certificate

Research interests

I am interested in general tools and methodologies for reasoning about the (semantics of) programming languages, especially for concurrent and distributed computations. In particular, I work on metamodels, or frameworks, for programs and processes, using techniques from mathematical logic, type theory and category theory.
I am also interested in applying and refining these methods to new areas, such as biological systems (the so-called "systems biology").

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Teaching activities

Currently I teach

  • "Computer Network", at the bachelor degree ("laurea") in Computer Science
  • "Concurrency theory" and "Distributed systems and languages" at the master degree ("laurea magistrale") in Computer Science

Look at the Corsi tab (in italian) for more details about courses, and also to my proposals for labs and theses.